The 'Chief' on cricket, chocolate and meeting Tom Brady

The 'Chief' on cricket, chocolate and meeting Tom Brady

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Adelaide forward Tom Lynch joined the AFL Players’ Association’s Instagram account for a live chat, including a question and answer section with fans. Here’s a breakdown of the best parts of the chat with AFLPA regional manager Bobby Quiney.

*The first couple of minutes have been affected by some technicality difficulties with the audio*

On being back at training…

It’s been fantastic but it’s been crazy at the same time. We’re in groups of eight (seven players and one coach) and everyone is walking around using Walky Talkies like they’re secret agents telling each other when we can and can’t leave the room. I haven’t been able to see a few of my mates and haven’t been able to run into the Crouch brothers, which has been quite nice (laughs).

On his embarrassing cricket moments…

I played with some great cricketers which was my claim to fame. I was very lucky at Haileybury they were handing out scholarships willy nilly. I faced James Pattinson once in the nets and he’s a very close friend of mine. I’ll reiterate that again – I only ever faced him once in the nets. He bowled a ball to me, hit me in the box and completely shattered it. I walked out of the nets and said, ‘That’ll do me. I’m never facing that bloke again.”

On his move from the Saints to the Crows…

St Kilda were great and a very successful team when I was there. I was searching for a fair bit of opportunity and had played a half a dozen games at St Kilda and the sub rule was intact then so probably only played two if you add all the quarters together. I’d never played a game there without the green vest or finishing in the red vest. I knew a couple of the guys at Adelaide when I was first looking to come over. They’re such a great club and the guys are so close with so many from interstate so you very quickly become a family here.

On the NFL and meeting Tom Brady… 

Josh Jenkins and I traveled the States (USA) and went to a few games and caught up with our good mate, Tom (laughs). I was shaking as much that day as I am talking to you (Bobby) now and being in your presence.

On his love of chocolate…

It’s definitely my kryptonite. I launch into just about anything you can find at the confectionery store – chips (light and tangy) too.

On going to the Gold Coast hub…

I can’t wait for the season to be back and really looking forward to getting up on the Gold Coast. We’re going up there into a hub and we’ve got a really young group at our hub so the opportunity to get away together will be a really good one.

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