Two superstar forwards challenged in the Garage!

Two superstar forwards challenged in the Garage!


Welcome to the AFL Players’ Garage brought to you by Hot Wheels.

Hosted by Patrick Dangerfield, each episode will see a host of AFL and AFLW stars enter the Garage to compete in a series of champion challenges, Dayton car racing and the Danger Zone.

In episode two of the AFL Players’ Garage Patrick Dangerfield quizzes a young West Coast Eagles in the Hot Lap at Home Base (01:12), Ben Brown enters the Garage for the blindfolded goal-kicking challenge (03:16), Ben Brown showcases his infamous run-up (04:16), Josh Kennedy challenges a young fan to a dance-off (06:20), Race Central (08:52), Ben Brown challenges Danger in the Danger Zone (11:36) and Danger drinks a Colour Shifter beverage (14:09).

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