What a croc: Brayshaw on fashion, footy and onions

What a croc: Brayshaw on fashion, footy and onions

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Melbourne fan favourite Angus Brayshaw joined the AFL Players’ Association’s Instagram account for a live chat, including a question and answer section with fans. Here’s a breakdown of the best parts of the chat with AFLPA regional manager Bobby Quiney. 


On his junior football days with Christian Salem and Jayden Hunt…

I played with Christian from under-12s and Jayden from about under-15s or 16s. Salem was a really big kid growing up so I knew he was going to be good and Jayden has always been super quick. It’s interesting to see how we’ve ended up in the same place even though our footy journeys have been different. We (Hampton Rovers) had a good rivalry with the East Brighton Vampires where (GWS Giants star) Josh Kelly played his junior football.

Where he ranks himself as a footballer among Salem and Hunt…

I was drafted the year after them and finished school a year younger than my mates so I was always younger than them playing footy. I was a small kid playing with them. Salem was by far the best – he was huge compared to me back then! Jayden was a bit quicker and more developed than I was. I was the lowest totem pole in the junior days. I’m taller than both of them now though.

On his unique fashion sense…

I’m a comfort guy. There are the blokes who think they look pretty good rocking up to training, but really we’re driving out to Casey at 9am with a bunch of 44 blokes so I’m all about comfort. It just so happens that the comfort stuff I wear looks really good (laughs). Kill two birds with one stone.


On his favourite brother…

Favourite is an interesting one! I’ve got the most respect for Will because of what he does in the Army. I did three days of Army camp and that ruined me but he does it for weeks at a time. I like playing golf with Hamish the most because he’s no good and I can get in his head and beat him. I like hanging out and training with Andrew because he’s the fittest. He was back here for the whole of the quarantine so we trained together. I like all my brothers though!


On Barbie Onions and how often he eats them…

I went through a really, really aggressive phase where I would be having three onions a day – one at lunch and two at dinner. It was intense for a while but it’s slowed down a bit now we’re back at training and I have a few other things to do. We’ve had a bit of fun with it and I think it was the right time. There wasn’t much else happening and the people wanted something. Everyone loves a barbie onion!

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