Chris Masten

Chris Masten

  • Full Name: Chris Masten
  • DOB: 02/05/1989
  • Place of birth: Western Australia
  • Original Team: East Fremantle
  • Draft: #3 2007 National Draft, West Coast
  • Height/Weight: 179/77
  • Position(s): Midfield
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Q&A with Chris Masten

Reading Time: 1 minute

As well as playing great footy, I’d like to be remembered for:
My tap 200

Most memorable victory (AFL or non-AFL):
Semi-final, 2011 v Carlton

Most admired player at another club:
Simon Black

Favourite ground to play on:
Patersons Stadium

Best part about training:
Being with the lads

Weights or running:

What would you prefer – mark of the year or goal of the year:

Which skill do you need to most work on:

You are running 30 minutes late to an early morning beach recovery session. What’s your excuse:

Favourite meal the night before a game:

What music helps you get ‘in the zone’ before a game:
Straight up gangsta

One thing you would change about the world:
Four-day weekends

PlayStation or Xbox? And what’s your favourite game:

Who would win MasterChef at your club? And what’s their signature dish:
Andrew Embley

What’s your favourite dance move:
Feeding the horses

What is your favourite holiday destination in Australia: