Better Out Than In, is an AFL players-led campaign and digital intervention aimed at Australian males aged 30 to 64 years – to shift the conversation about men’s depression and anxiety from one of shame, stigma and secrecy to one of openness, acceptance and hope.

By predominantly utilising videos, Better Out Than In strives to re-frame the behavioural and attitudinal trends that contribute to silent suffering by challenging personal and community thoughts and actions, geared towards the normalisation of help seeking, sharing and support. Based on the premise that sharing and hearing real-life stories about depression and anxiety and seeking help for this is one of the most powerful ways to reducing self-stigma in communities of men.

Snap shot:

  •        Live campaign currently hosts 10 x 4 minute videos with varying participants from construction workers to AFL coaches, current and ex-AFL players
  •        A particular focus on men’s experiences during the inevitable transitions of their lives
  •        Partnered with the AFL Coaches Association and Mates In Construction (MIC), who are the leading national training providers within the construction industry
  •        Promotes normalisation and acceptance of depression and, more broadly, mental illness
  •        Reframes hyper-masculine stereotypes
  •        Geared towards the normalisation of help seeking, sharing and support
  •        Online tips and tricks to managing your mental health and those around you

You can find more information at:

Instagram: @betteroutthanin

Twitter: @betteroutthanin

Imagine if you trained your mind like your do your body.

Made by AFL Players and funded by Movember, MindMax is an app that provides training sessions to build and strengthen a resilient, fit mind. Drawing on science-backed research and AFL player experience, MindMax offers an opportunity to connect with players and other users to see how they get around improving their wellbeing too.


MindMax began in April 2015 with a grant from the Movember Foundation.

The idea was to offer to all young men the same wellbeing information and support that’s available to AFL players. With a research team from the Queensland University of Technology and the Brain and Mind Centre at the University of Sydney, our AFLPA Player Development team set about creating the app.

The story so far:

Over the past two years we’ve been working with the researchers and a range of specialists to translate the science and player experience into content for a digital platform. We’ve included players in the content development and app testing consistently along the way, too, ensuring that MindMax is uniquely owned by the AFLPA and players themselves.

MindMax in 2017 and beyond:

Get set to hear more about MindMax. Launching with three training sessions, content will be added throughout the 2017 season and beyond. We’ve got a team of player ambassadors really enthusiastic about the app and what it stands for, so watch out for their activity within the app and on the MindMax socials – @mindmax_au.