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2020 AFLW MVP nominees

The nominees for the 2020 AFLW Players’ Association’s Most Valuable Player Awards have been revealed.

With multiple AFLW MVP Erin Phillips working her way back from a serious knee injury through the first half of the season, we will see a new winner of the AFLW MVP award, presented by Our Watch, crowned in 2020.

The situation is similar in the Most Courageous Award (presented by MSC Signs) field, with three-time winner and fellow Crow Chelsea Randall sidelined for the entire 2020 season due to injury.

The players have also voted for the player from their club they think is the standout candidate in the Best First-Year Player (presented by KPMG) award, while the Best Captain (presented by the Diamond Guys) will also be awarded.

Voting for the AFLW MVP, Most Courageous, Best First-Year Player and Best Captain awards is a two-stage process, with players nominating their teammates in stage one before selecting from a competition-wide field in stage two.

Players cannot vote for a player from their own club during stage two of the voting process.

The AFL Players’ Association will recognise the achievements of the award winners with a special roll out of digital content on our website and social media channels on Monday April 20.


MVP: Sarah Allan, Anne Hatchard, Ebony Marinoff

Most Courageous: Dayna Cox

Best First-Year Player: Najwa Allen

Best Captain: Chelsea Randall, Erin Phillips


MVP: Emily Bates, Natalie Grider, Kate Lutkins

Most Courageous: Shannon Campbell

Best First-Year player: Catherine Svarc

Best Captain: Emma Zielke


MVP: Chloe Dalton, Kerryn Harrington, Madison Prespakis

Most Courageous: Katie Loynes

Best First-Year player: Grace Egan

Best Captain: Katie Loynes


MVP: Brittany Bonnici, Sharni Layton, Jaimee Lambert

Most Courageous: Brittany Bonnici

Best First-Year player: Aishling Sheridan

Best Captain: Stephanie Chiocci


MVP: Ebony Antonio, Kiara Bowers, Angelique Stannett

Most Courageous: Kiara Bowers

Best First-Year player: Mim Strom

Best Captain: Kara Antonio


MVP: Eleanor Bennetts, Jess Dal Pos, Alyce Parker

Most Courageous: Brittany Tully

Best First-Year player: Annalyse Lister

Best Captain: Alicia Eva


MVP: Julia Crockett-Grills, Madeleine McMahon, Olivia Purcell

Most Courageous: Madeline Keryk

Best First-Year Player: Amy McDonald

Best Captain: Melissa Hickey


MVP: Kalinda Howarth, Jade Pregelj, Jamie Stanton

Most Courageous: Jade Pregelj

Best First-Year Player: Kate Surman

Best Captain: Samantha Virgo, Leah Kaslar


MVP: Libby Birch, Karen Paxman, Daisy Pearce

Most Courageous: Libby Birch

Best First-Year player: Sinead Goldrick

Best Captain: Daisy Pearce


MVP: Jenna Bruton, Jasmine Garner, Emma Kearney

Most Courageous: Emma Kearney

Best First-Year player: Aileen Gilroy

Best Captain: Emma Kearney


MVP: Monique Conti, Phoebe Monahan, Courtney Wakefield

Most Courageous: Grace Campbell

Best First-Year Player: Laura McClelland

Best Captain: Katie Brennan


MVP: Rosie Dillon, Georgia Patrikios, Olivia Vesely

Most Courageous: Nat Exon

Best First-Year Player: Georgia Patrikios

Best Captain: Catherine Phillips, Kate Shierlaw, Rhiannon Watt


MVP: Dana Hooker, Parris Laurie, Emma Swanson

Most Courageous: Dana Hooker

Best First-Year Player: Chantella Perera

Best Captain: Emma Swanson


MVP: Ellie Blackburn, Isabel Huntington, Aisling McCarthy

Most Courageous: Isabel Huntington

Best First-Year Player: Gabrielle Newton

Best Captain: Ellie Blackburn