About the Alumni program

The AFL Players’ Association’s Alumni program has grown to include more than 4,000 male and female past players

Alumni members are provided access to a range of benefits and services to recognise the contribution that they have made to the game.

The Alumni Program focuses on providing support via the following pillars:


The AFLPA prioritises the physical and mental health of AFL players who transition out of the game. All past players receive access to free and confidential services, including psychological and concussion support, doctors’ network and the AFL Players’ Injury and Hardship Fund.


Alumni members all have access to the services of qualified financial advisors, who have extensive experience in both the football industry and the business world. Members have access to the AFL Players’ and AFL Superannuation Fund and the Player Retirement Scheme.


Past Players can access Education and Training Grants (E&T) for up to three years post retirement or delisting. These grants may be used for university studies, TAFE courses, short courses and licences.


Assisting past players continue their connection and engagement with the industry is a major focus of the Alumni program, with members eligible to access numerous industry events including AFLPA Alumni golf days.

Become a member

Past players who played at least one senior AFL/AFLW game receive access to all our services, plus a range of lifetime benefits.


Joining the AFL Players’ Association as an alumni member is a one-off payment that gives past players lifetime membership. For recently retired or delisted players, membership cost is the same as a listed AFL player. This amount is deducted from your retirement fund.

For further information, please contact Tim Harrington (tharrington@aflplayers.com.au) Head of Alumni.

Injury and Hardship fund

This fund represents one of the most significant benefits for past players in the history of the AFL Players’ Association and positions Australian Rules football as a code that prioritizes the health of its athletes. The direction of more than $4 million of the players’ share of industry revenue per year demonstrates the desire of current AFL players to look after those who laid the foundations for our great game. In particular, this fund aims to support players who transition out of the game with career ending injuries, and those who need longer-term medical support, or suffer illness or financial hardship through retirement.


AFLPA Alumni members may be eligible for reimbursement of medical costs and expenses for any joint surgery. Medical costs and expenses for a dental injury incurred whilst training or playing with an AFL/VFL club may also be reimbursable under the program. Members with private health insurance are eligible for reimbursement of up to $8,000, while those without private health insurance can access up to $6,000.


Reimbursement of $500 to cover excess following a hospital stay.


Grants may be directed to players who experience hardship due to injury, illness or wellbeing issues.


Players who exit the game due to an injury that prevents them from playing football at senior level in any other competition again are eligible for a payment based on their age and the base value of the final year of their standard playing contract.


Players who are unable to work immediately following their delisting due to an injury can access four week’s pay at the average Australian wage.


Contact Tim Harrington (tharrington@aflplayers.com.au or 0419 152 411 ) for Lifetime Health Care, Past Player Hardship and Hospital Excess Reimbursement.

Legal Counsel Alex Taverner (ataverner@aflplayers.com.au or 0433 142 390) is the primary contact for Delisted Injury Player Payment and Football-Ending Injury claims. 

Madden Medal

The AFL Players’ Association Madden Medal is awarded to the retiring player who has best demonstrated on-field excellence, personal development and growth, as well as community spirit over the course of his playing career.

The award is named after former AFLPA presidents Simon and Justin Madden for their distinguished contribution to players and the game and was first presented in 2007.

The Madden Medal winner is selected from a list of nominees decided by the AFL Players’ Association Board and past Madden Medal winners.

Carlton and Adelaide great Eddie Betts was awarded the 2021 Madden Medal ahead of a great list of nominees which included Bachar Houli, Neville Jetta, Shaun Burgoyne, and Marc Murphy, Nathan Jones, Jarrod Harbrow, Easton Wood and Grant Birchall.


2021 – Eddie Betts

2020 – Gary Ablett Jr.

2019 – Luke Hodge 

2018 — Brendon Goddard

2017 — Nick Riewoldt

2016 — Matthew Pavlich

2015 — Chris Judd

2014 — Lenny Hayes

2013 — Jude Bolton

2012 — Luke Power

2011 — Cameron Ling

2010 — Brett Kirk

2009 — Michael O’Loughlin

2008 — Robert Harvey

2007 — Glenn Archer