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A Kick Out Of Country Life

Tucked down a side road in Lancefield’s west – 73km north of Melbourne – is a large farm dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of farm animals.

Edgar’s Mission is an animal sanctuary created by Pam Ahern, who is dedicating her life to saving injured and abandoned farm animals. The sanctuary was formed after Ahern rescued a pig she named Edgar and is a safe environment for housing as many animals as possible.

Essendon’s David Zaharakis returned to the site for the first time since his sister showed him Edgar’s Mission last year. Noting that his favourite animals at the farm are the pigs “because of the noises they make when you scratch them”, he said Edgar’s Mission is a wonderful place to visit.

“Your first thought is happiness up here and it’s a great place to bring a family and have a great time for the day. The enjoyment you get from the animals enjoyment is a great thing,” Zaharakis told

“You get some goats and little lambies run and jump on you and that kind of thing. I’ts just a fun, enjoyable environment that’s all about interaction with the animals and you get to see their life.”

Ahern believes the environment is as much about raising awareness about farm animal cruelty as it is about rescuing the animals themselves.

“Edgar’s Mission is a sanctuary for the animals we can rescue and a voice for the one’s that we can’t rescue. We give people the chance to come and meet these animals, to learn what their lives are really like and the people can decide for themselves how they should be treated,” she said.

With large open paddocks residing north of Melbourne, it’s no wonder Zaharakis feels right at home at Edgar’s Mission.

Click here to get involved or for more information on Edgar’s Mission.