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AAB Statement: Michael Oakes

At its most recent April meeting, the Agent Accreditation Board (AAB) met to consider whether player agent Michael Oakes had breached the inducement provisions of the AFLPA Regulations Governing Accredited Agents.

After considering the findings of an investigation into the matter and the submissions of Oakes, the AAB was satisfied that Oakes has breached clause 4 of the Code of Conduct by providing inducements to unsigned players.

The inducements comprised of offering and/or providing football boots to three players and a six-pack of beer, as a birthday present, to another, each of whom had not signed with Oakes.

The AAB considers adherence to the provisions of the regulations regarding inducements of paramount importance. As a result, the AAB has sanctioned Oakes as follows:

– $10,000 fine ($7500 of which will be suspended for a period of 24 months)

– Requirement to undertake further education focused on the AFLPA Regulations Governing Accredited Agents as determined by the AAB.

Other allegations before the Board were not substantiated. Nevertheless, the AAB reminds all player agents that the practice of offering or making a service available to an unsigned player is a breach of the Regulations.

The AAB will be making no further comment on this matter.