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AFL Players launch 2018 Indigenous Map

In celebration of the AFL’s Sir Doug Nicholls Round, the AFL Players’ Association has launched its updated Indigenous Map.

The map highlights the cultural diversity of the AFL’s indigenous players with the league’s 83 male players and 10 female players represented across 49 cultural and language groups.


AFL Players’ Association CEO Paul Marsh says the map celebrates the cultural diversity of the AFL’s indigenous population.

“It’s brilliant to see and learn about the different cultural backgrounds of players within the league today – the map demonstrates how remote some of these communities are as well as the connections that players across the league have through their language groups,” he said.

“With roughly 10 per cent of the current AFL playing group identifying as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, the map also provides a source of connection for our indigenous members in being able to learn of the cultural backgrounds of other players.”

The map was first produced in 2005, while the online version became available in 2014.