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AFL Players launch 2019 Indigenous Map

In celebration of the AFL’s Sir Doug Nicholls Round, the AFL Players’ Association has launched its updated Indigenous Map.

The map highlights the cultural diversity of the AFL’s Indigenous players with the league’s 84 male players and 13 female players represented across 57 cultural and language groups.


Neville Jetta, who sits on the AFL Players’ Association Indigenous Advisory Board, said the map celebrates the cultural diversity of the AFL’s indigenous population.

“When you see the map in its entirety, it really hits home the impact Indigenous football footballers are having at the elite level,” Jetta said.

“It’s great to see so many different cultural groups represented and to learn more about the backgrounds of my teammates and opponents. With roughly 10 per cent of the current AFL playing group identifying as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, the map demonstrates the connection the players across the league have to the country’s remote communities and language groups.

Players who feature on the map will receive a copy, while a batch will also be sent to the community of Point Pearce (South Australia) where players visited during the Indigenous summit earlier this year.