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AFL Players, TwoPointZero launch first Outduction Camp

The AFL Players’ Association and career coaching firm TwoPointZero are pleased to announce a partnership to further assist AFL players transitioning out of the game and help them find their passion after footy.

According to research, conducted by the AFL Players’ Association, more than a third (37 per cent) of AFL players report some difficulty with their transition into retirement — mainly due to the loss of football routine and structure, difficulty securing post-football employment and general uncertainty in ‘what to do next.’

To help address this issue, TwoPointZero, AFL SportsReady and the AFLPA are hosting the inaugural AFLPA Outduction Camp, on the 14th and 15th November, for players who have stepped away from the game within the past three years.

The camp will provide all players with the opportunity to build on the personal and career development insights they have uncovered during their playing years.

AFL Players’ Association General Manager of Player Development Brett Johnson says the partnership will provide retirees with another springboard towards their next career in addition to the services already available to them.

“Each AFL player has had a different journey — some have been drafted out of school and some are recruited at a mature age. AFL careers average five and a half years but some players play for more than 15 years and some may find themselves out of the system after one or two seasons,” Johnson said.

“The AFLPA player development team work closely with the industry and individual players to ensure they maximise their AFL experience and the opportunities it provides during the game and beyond.

“This partnership will give our members great exposure to not only career experts but also potential employers.”

Retirees will work closely with TwoPointZero’s career coaches to identify or build on their post-football career passions and provide them with the tools and insights they need to pursue a fulfilling professional life.

The partnership will also provide past players with the opportunity to engage with TwoPointZero’s career coaches at any point during their retirement to identify and narrow in on employment opportunities.

As part of the new Collective Bargaining Agreement, increased funding has recently been implemented into past player programs, such as the Outduction Camp, ensuring all players are leaving the game with more direction and support than ever before.

The partnership sees TwoPointZero become AFLPA’s official career services provider and TwoPointZero CEO Steve Shepherd believes the collaboration is another proactive step forward by the AFLPA in further improving athlete career guidance.

“This fantastic initiative by the AFL Players’ Association addresses a key issue faced by AFL players and will help them secure meaningful work after sport,” he said.

“Our partnership will not only assist players make an effective transition into the next stage of their life, but also demonstrate to young football fans the importance of career coaching and ongoing work towards life goals.”

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