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AFLPA Board achieves player parity

The members of the AFL Players’ Association have approved the Board’s recommended changes to its Constitution and, in doing so, have achieved equal representation between current AFL and AFLW players on its Board, with the changes being passed at its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Tuesday night. 

For the first time, the AFLPA Board will be made up of four current AFL players and four current AFLW players, alongside three independent members and the Association’s Chief Executive Officer. 

AFLW players Kerryn Peterson, Catherine Phillips and Isabel Huntington were elected to the Board at the AGM on Tuesday night. 

The appointed directors replace Neville Jetta (retired) and Leah Kaslar (retired) on the 12-member AFLPA Board. 

Patrick Dangerfield was re-appointed as the President, continuing his more than four years of service in the role, and Andrew Twaits was re-appointed as the Chairperson. 

The Board appointed a new Vice-President, with Annalyse Lister joining Phil Davis who was also re-appointed to the position. 

AFLPA CEO Paul Marsh welcomed the three new players to the Board and thanked the outgoing members for their contributions to the Association. 

“Firstly, I would like to acknowledge the service provided by Leah and Neville,” Marsh said. 

“Both have made lasting impressions on the AFLPA and their guidance, leadership and support through what has been challenging times for the entire industry can’t be understated. 

“The AFLPA is thrilled to achieve equal representation of current players on the Board. We understand and recognise the opportunity that diversity within our governance structure presents to our organisation. We are continuing to evolve as an organisation and the presence of more of our AFLW members will further enhance the support for all our players – past, present and future. 

“Kerryn, Cat and Izzy are all influential leaders within their clubs and are outstanding individuals, who played significant roles in the most recent AFLW CBA negotiations, which delivered a landmark result for their cohort. I know they’ll each bring unique skills and expertise that will allow us to continue to advocate and support our members.” 

Ed Curnow, who was required to retire from the Board under the old Constitution, has been re-appointed for an interim period as the Board transitions to the new structure. 

The AFLPA Board consists of Patrick Dangerfield (President), Phil Davis (Vice President), Annalyse Lister (Vice-President), Tom Jonas, Kerryn Peterson, Cat Phillips, Isabel Huntington, Darcy Moore, Paul Marsh (AFLPA CEO), past player Chris Heffernan, and Andrew Twaits (Independent Chair). 


  • Player for Carlton Football Club (2017– current)   
  • Carlton Co-captain / Captain (2020 – current)  
  • Bachelor of Exercise Science and Masters in Physiotherapy Practice   
  • Currently working as a Physiotherapist  
  • AFLPA Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiating committee (2022)   

  • Player for Western Bulldogs (2017– 2022)  
  • Player for GWS Giants (2022 – current)  
  • AFLPA Club Delegate (2018 – 2022)  
  • Bachelor of Science (Honours), Human Structure & Function – Honours in Biomedical Engineering & Surgery  
  • Currently working as a Training & Research Assistant   
  • AFLPA Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiating committee (2022)  
  • Player for Melbourne Football Club (2017 – 2019)  
  • Player for St Kilda Football Club (2020 – 2022)  
  • Player for Essendon Football Club (2022 – current)  
  • AFLPA Club Delegate (2019 – 2022) 
  • St Kilda Captain (2019 – 2022)  
  • Master of Engineering   
  • Currently working for Cleanaway, Commercial Manager  
  • AFLPA Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiating committee (2022)