The AFL Players’ Association and players support the stance taken by the AFL industry to pay a silent tribute during this weekend’s matches to the women and children who have been harmed and who have lost their lives to gender-based violence.

The AFLPA is also committed to working with experts and service providers to contribute to longer-term solutions to this crisis.

AFLPA President Patrick Dangerfield said:

“We are a country in the midst of a national crisis. Unacceptably, it is a crisis that is preventable.

“Bringing all players, clubs and officials together this weekend to unite against gender-based violence is a step in a broader approach that we believe needs to be a coordinated and national response to change a systemic issue. The playing group is committed to playing our role here.

“The men in this country need to listen and help lead the way on this – it can’t be left to women to change gender-based violence.”

AFLPA CEO Paul Marsh said:

“The industry’s collective response this weekend is the right one. It is a form of acknowledgement of the tragedy that is playing out in so many communities across our country. It is also an opportunity for us to step up and do more to make meaningful change.

“The AFLPA is committed to exploring deeper action that the industry, including players, can take to learn, grow, and lead on the prevention of gender-based violence.

“We know that people across our community, particularly young people, look to sports people as role models and we want to better understand how we can use that influence in a way that will make a genuine difference to the lives of women in our country moving forward.”

The AFLPA will provide updates on the longer-term actions we will take once we have worked with the relevant experts and have determined our next steps.