The AFL Players’ Association has released the following statement regarding the Illicit Drugs Policy:

We note the article in today’s Herald Sun and the AFL’s statement issued earlier today.

The AFL Players’ Association supports the AFL’s position on this issue and reiterates that the Illicit Drugs Policy (IDP) is entered into voluntarily by the players on the basis it is a medical model and is focused on identifying, educating, and rehabilitating.

What is often misunderstood on this topic is that the IDP is separate from the AFL Anti-Doping Code, which is overseen by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and focuses on identifying and sanctioning any athletes who may be taking performance enhancing substances.

These are two different policies with completely different objectives.

The AFLPA remains committed to reviewing the IDP in 2024 with the AFL and we are working with experts to ensure it remains best practice.