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AFLW Season 7 MVP Nominees

The nominees for Season 7 of the 2022 AFLW Most Valuable Player Awards, proudly presented by Snaffle have been revealed.

Voting for the AFLW MVP, Most Courageous, Best First-Year Player and Best Captain awards is a two-stage process, with players nominating their teammates in stage one before selecting from a competition-wide field in stage two.

Players cannot vote for a player from their own club during stage two of the voting process.

The AFL Players’ Association will recognise the achievements of the award winners with a special in person event on Wednesday November 23, and will be revealed across the AFLPA’s social media channels.

We thank the following sponsors for their support of the AFLW Most Valuable Player Awards:

Most Valuable Player, proudly presented by Snaffle.

Most Courageous, proudly presented by Tackle Your Feelings.

Best First-Year Player, proudly presented by KPMG.

Best Captain, proudly presented by The Diamond Guys.


MVP: Chelsea Biddell, Chelsea Randall, Ebony Marinoff

Best First-Year Player: Kiera Mueller  

Most Courageous: Chelsea Randall

Best Captain: Chelsea Randall


MVP: Ally Anderson, Isabel Dawes, Jesse Wardlaw

Best First-Year Player: Charlotte Mullins

Most Courageous: Isabel Dawes

Best Captain: Breanna Koenen


MVP: Abbie McKay, Breann Moody, Mimi Hill  

Best First-Year Player: Keeley Skepper

Most Courageous: Vaomua Laloifi

Best Captain: Kerryn Peterson


MVP: Jaimee Lambert, Lauren Butler, Ruby Schleicher

Best First-Year Player: Imogen Evans

Most Courageous: Jaimee Lambert

Best Captain: Brianna Davey, Stephanie Chiocci


MVP: Bonnie Toogood, Daria Bannister, Madison Prespakis

Best First-Year Player: Stephanie Wales

Most Courageous: Daria Bannister

Best Captain: Bonnie Toogood, Stephanie Cain


MVP: Aine Tighe, Hayley Miller, Kiara Bowers

Best First-Year Player: Megan Kauffman

Most Courageous: Kiara Bowers

Best Captain: Hayley Miller


MVP: Amy McDonald, Georgie Prespakis, Nina Morrison

Best First-Year Player: Brooke Plummer

Most Courageous: Annabel Johnson

Best Captain: Meg McDonald


MVP: Alison Drennan, Charlie Rowbottom, Claudia Whitfort

Best First-Year Player: Georgia Clayden

Most Courageous: Daisy D’Arcy

Best Captain: Tara Bohanna


MVP: Alyce Parker, Georgia Garnett, Tarni Evans  

Best First-Year Player: Madison Brazendale

Most Courageous: Katherine Smith

Best Captain: Alicia Eva


MVP: Aileen Gilroy, Jasmine Fleming, Tilly Lucas-Rodd   

Best First-Year Player: Jasmine Fleming

Most Courageous: Tamara Smith

Best Captain: Tilly Lucas-Rodd


MVP: Karen Paxman, Kate Hore, Olivia Purcell  

Best First-Year Player: Blaithin Mackin

Most Courageous: Karen Paxman

Best Captain: Daisy Pearce


MVP: Emma Kearney, Jasmine Garner, Jenna Bruton

Best First-Year Player: Vikki Wall

Most Courageous: Amy Smith

Best Captain: Emma Kearney


MVP: Abbey Dowrick, Erin Phillips, Indy Tahau

Best First-Year Player: Abbey Dowrick

Most Courageous: Ebony O’Dea

Best Captain: Erin Phillips


MVP: Gabby Seymour, Grace Egan, Monique Conti

Best First-Year Player: Eilish Sheerin

Most Courageous: Courtney Wakefield

Best Captain: Katie Brennan


MVP: Bianca Jakobsson, Kate Shierlaw, Nicola Stevens  

Best First-Year Player: Hannah Stuart

Most Courageous: Alice Burke

Best Captain: Hannah Priest


MVP: Cynthia Hamilton, Montana Ham, Sofia Hurley

Best First-Year Player: Sofia Hurley

Most Courageous: Cynthia Hamilton

Best Captain: Brooke Lochland, Lauren Szigeti, Maddy Collier


MVP: Emma Swanson, Isabella Lewis, Sophie McDonald

Best First-Year Player: Ella Roberts

Most Courageous: Courtney Rowley

Best Captain: Emma Swanson


MVP: Alice Edmonds, Ellie Blackburn, Kirsty Lamb

Best First-Year Player: Rylie Wilcox

Most Courageous: Kirsty Lamb

Best Captain: Ellie Blackburn