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Alexander The Happiest Of Hawk Fans

When young Hawk fan Alexander flew in to Melbourne Airport on Thursday 14th of May, he had no idea what was in store for the weekend.

Little did he know that in two days’ time he would be running through the banner with his favourite AFL player.

Through the Starlight Children Foundation and the Hawthorn Football Club, Alexander – who has a rare genetic disability called Joubert syndrome, effecting his development and speech, and also kidney disease and a degenerative visual condition – was granted a wish to meet the Hawks during Round 7.

Featured during Channel Seven’s footy during Round 19, Alexander spent Thursday night meeting Jack Gunston before spending Friday at the club with all the players and coach Alastair Clarkson.

He also spent game day running through the banner and got to sing the song in the players huddle after Hawthorn defeated Melbourne at the MCG.

Alexander’s mother Linda, who was at her son’s side during the process, said the special occasion has seen a drastic change in her son’s self-esteem.

“Just to see his confidence build with his wish has been amazing. He’s been happy to go off with other people, he’s not clinging to me, and that’s been amazing for him,” Linda said.

“To spend that time and focus on that pleasure and that joy and live in the moment was a very precious gift.”

On average, each Starlight Wish costs about $6500.

You can find out more about the Starlight Wish Program here, or donate to help children like Alexander have their Starlight Wish granted by clicking here.