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Alumni VS. The Recruit

Have you ever wondered who would win between a team of former stars and a current side of amateurs?

Well, on Wednesday night that question will be answered.

Fox8’s penultimate episode of The Recruit will feature a match against the AFL Players’ Alumni team, which was compiled by the AFL Players’ Association’s Alumni Manager, Brad Fisher.

The team of former stars contains the likes of Barry Hall, Jonathan Brown and Brian Lake, with the 20 players taking the field boasting 11 All-Australian guernseys and 11 premiership medallions.

Speaking to ahead Wednesday’s broadcast, Fisher said the team did its best to prepare for the match once everyone came together.

“We didn’t do any training in the lead up. We had to back our experience in and that had some varying results at times but you’ll have to see how it pans out,” Fisher said.

“Brad Sewell, due to his relationship with Ladder and bringing them on board, meant he was the obvious one and he captained the side.

“We had to rely heavily on our networks. Sewelly had to work pretty hard to get Brian Lake, he was still playing footy at a reasonable level, so to have him running out there was big as well.”

As for a short preview of what to expect on Wednesday, Fisher said there are a few highlights to look out for.

“Campbell Brown takes a nice hanger. Look out for a phenomenal pick-up by one of the recruit boys, he does one of the more amazing pick-ups you’ll ever see but then gets absolutely smashed in a Barry Hall tackle,” Fisher added.

“He hit the ball at full tilt and scooped it up below his knees which I really liked and big Barry got him holding the footy.

“And big Adam Pattison, who I’ve been a harsh critic of over the years, gave us first use out of the middle. He did one bit of play where he baulked around a couple of players and hit Jonathan Brown on the chest. I think Browny splashed it but it was a great piece of play.”

Forming the Alumni team are Campbell Brown, Barry Hall, Brian Lake, Heath Scotland, Brad Sewell, Jonathan Brown, Adam Schneider, Stephen Milne, Tim Hazel, Adam Pattison, Brett Johnson, Cory McGrath, Brad Fisher, Kelvin Moore, Kayne Pettifer, Tony Armstrong, Richard Champion, Nathan Gordon, Anthony Franchina, Digby Morrell and the side is coached by Kevin Sheedy.

Tune into Fox8 at 8.30pm on Wednesday to see the AFL Players’ Alumni team take on The Recruit side.