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Australian Almonds — Tiarna Ernst & Richelle Cranston

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With the AFLW season recently coming to a close, the 242 listed players will return to some form of normality for seven months before doing it all again.

From tradies to office workers, the female players have proven their abilities to work hard to achieve their AFL dream and none are tougher than Tiarna Ernst and Richelle Cranston.

Ernst and Cranston both like the game hard and tough. With Ernst the stoic defender, who collided with a goal post without flinching in the earlier parts of the season, and Cranston the rugged utility, who attacks the contest unlike many others.

But the duo also have demanding jobs off the field that often require them to work long and grueling hours.

Ernst is an obstetrician, where she regularly undertakes 14-hour shifts at the Dandenong Hospital before trekking to the Whitten Oval for training, while Cranston goes about her days in the harsh caper of landscaping.

The pair are hard nuts on the field but are equally as tough away from it, which is why they’re on-board as Australian Almonds ambassadors for 2018.