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Blast from the Past – Jayson Daniels

AFL Players’ Alumni Manager, Brad Fisher catches up with former St Kilda and Sydney player Jayson Daniels.

What is your current age?


Do you have children? Is there any talent there?

I have two girls – 13 and 12, both love their netball. I also have a nine-year-old boy who is into all sports, with footy his favourite.

What have you been up to since you retired from AFL football?

I played in an era where I was able to work full time and build a 20+ year career in the general insurance industry. I now work as an Insurance Broker with Adroit Insurance Group. I believe there are some great synergies with Adroit and the AFL Players’ Association, in that most of our senior brokers have a football background and are passionate about their football (both from a local and national perspective). Also, because I was part of the AFL, I genuinely believe I understand the needs of players who are either already involved in business or who are making the move from full-time player to full-time business person. I understand insurance – and most importantly I understand business insurance needs from an ex-player perspective across a range of businesses and industries.

‘I am often mistaken for Michael Voss! Not sure how Vossy feels about that.’

What do you miss the most about playing elite football?

I miss the interaction with committed and passionate footy people and singing the victory song after a hard fought win!

Do you keep in contact with many former team mates?

Yes, I stay in contact with a number of former team mates. Having played at two clubs (Saints and Swans) there is always someone to catch up with when I am interstate.

Who is the best player you have seen?

In the current day it’s hard to go past Gary Ablett. I was lucky enough to play with some pretty handy players in Robert Harvey, Tony Lockett and Paul Kelly.

What was the highlight of your career?

Playing in the 1997 Grand Final vs Adelaide Crows – unfortunately the result was not favourable!

How often are you still recognised?

Fairly regularly, but I am often mistaken for Michael Voss! Not sure how Vossy feels about that.

Do you enjoy the current game?

It has changed a lot and there is a big gap between a good and average game, however I still do enjoy watching, with particular admiration of the skill level.

When was the last time you had a work out in the gym?

About a month ago. I need to go more!

Who is your favourite musician?

Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam)

What’s on your bucket list?

Run in the New York marathon

Watch the Saints win a premiership

What’s next for Jason Daniels?

Continue to stay fit and well, work hard and enjoy life! Oh, and hopefully talk to a lot of blokes about insurance!

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