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Brennan’s Journey Empowers Female Athletes

On the field, Katie Brennan provides inspiration as the Western Bulldogs’ marquee player. However, it’s her work in the community that empowers young girls to reach their potential, in sport and in life.

While all the attention will be on Saturday night’s All-Stars game at the Whitten Oval, it’s important to shine a light on the incredible work Brennan is doing at the kb.performance Centre, located in Coburg.

Inside the walls, Brennan works with athletes who are pursuing a range of sports — providing them with the guidance required to reach the next level.

“The gym is specifically for female athletes and we run an AFL academy, a multi-sport academy which includes ice hockey, hockey, basketball, netball and all of the sports,” Brennan told

“It’s great to have a lot of footy girls in here as well with the growth of the women’s competition. It’s been such an incredible journey so far and we’re looking to really build on this.”

Since opening in July, kb.performance gives aspiring athletes the opportunity to rub shoulders with the superstars of the game.

“This place is different, it’s hard to explain,” Brennan added.

“You get a young girl who gets to train side-by-side with your Daisy Pearces, your Melissa Hickeys, your Elise O’Deas and all of these girls that are now household names. We’re about empowering young females, and making sure they’re confident.”

Click here to visit Katie Brennan’s kb.performance website.