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‘Buddy’ Franklin #Discovered

There are times when ‘Buddy’ Franklin seems invincible.

While he’s arguably the most athletically gifted player the game has ever seen, Franklin also has an incredibly cool demeanor. Time after time, he’s able to produce something remarkable when a game is at its climax. And when Buddy isn’t bounding around the MCG kicking goals from 60 out, he’s strutting. At times, opposition defenders must feel he’s unstoppable.

“I’m not going to lie; it’s been hard at times” – ‘Buddy’ Franklin

Buddy is always projecting confidence. But he isn’t bullet-proof.

“I’m not going to lie; it’s been hard at times,” Franklin says of his recent move to Sydney, as part of the latest installment in Channel Seven’s #DISCOVERED series.

It’s a side of Buddy most supporters aren’t accustomed to seeing – vulnerability has never been something with which he’s been associated. But given the decisions he’s had to make in the past year, it’d be naive to assume his recent challenges haven’t phased him.

“Last year, playing football with what was going on and the expectations of whether I was going to stay at Hawthorn or whether I was going to go wherever, it was a big year for me personally,” he admits.

“I think the first three or four weeks was the hardest time of my life, having to leave Hawthorn – the football club that I love. People probably find it hard [to hear] me say that.”

Franklin’s change in lifestyle has been dramatic.

“Moving to a new city, building new relationships, making new friends.” The list goes on.

Thankfully, Franklin has had a lot of support since making the move.

“The relationships I’ve built with blokes at this football club so far have been really good, and my partner Jesinta has been great for me too,” he says.

When challenges arise, Buddy says “having people that you can talk to is the most important thing.”

“Even for a mature age player these days, I think every club should have a psychologist there for players to talk to and be open to discussions, because if you’re holding back it can be a tough place at times.”

The #DISCOVERED piece can be viewed in its entirety below.

The video above, which aired on Channel Seven on Saturday was the second time Franklin had been the subject of a #DISCOVERED story.

Last year, Franklin told the #DISCOVERED team what it would mean to win a premiership with the Hawks and discussed his tattoos and how his career had unfolded thus far.

“I remember the boys saying ‘don’t worry, it will go quickly’ and it surely has, but I’ve enjoyed every minute of it,” Franklin said at the time.

It may have gone quickly for ‘Buddy’, but given he’s just two matches into a nine-year contract at Sydney, much of his story is yet to be written.

Franklin’s first #DISCOVERED piece can be viewed below.