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Building Bontempelli

In the space of his short AFL career to date, Marcus Bontempelli’s on-field exploits are well known.

The freak goals and one-handed marks are piling up for the teenage midfielder.

Bontempelli’s impact in 23 games has the footy world wondering just how good he can be.

Off the field at the Whitten Oval this young Western Bulldog is making just as big an impression.

Good bloke, hard worker, respectful – the reviews of Bontempelli are consistent and glowing.

“I’m still just learning the game at this level,” the man himself said when Channel Seven caught up with him recently.

“I’ve got a long way to go and I haven’t really reached close to where I want to get to as a player and I will just be working and chipping away each day to make it happen.”

The Bontempelli reviews

Jayden Shea – Property Steward

“Usually the boys come in and get an extra pair of socks or an extra jumper, but Marcus walked in and offered to help fold a few towels for me.

“He’s one of those guys you just call a good bloke, a good genuine bloke.”

Andy Barnett – Strength Coach

“When I watch him play the game, what I see is an athlete. He’s not dependant on the weight room, or just his conditioning, or just his nutrition. He knows how to put it all together, so when he steps out on the field you are seeing an athlete who is also a ball player.

“He understands the concept that in order to get better he needs to work on his weaknesses. The better he works on his weaknesses the better an athlete he’s going to be.”

Steven King – Midfield Coach

“He’s got great values. He’s respectful and very humble but he’s also pretty driven and determined for not only himself but the club.

“I think his teammates look up to him already, which – for a second-year player – is a great effort. We’ve only tapped the surface of what Marcus can produce as a player.”

Matthew Boyd – Bulldogs veteran

“Right from the get go I think the thing that stood out was his work ethic and his willingness to take feedback on and work on his game.”

Watch as Bontempelli reflects on the big moments of his debut AFL season