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Building rapport with players my first priority: Marsh

Newly appointed AFL Players’ Association CEO Paul Marsh featured on SEN’s Morning Glory today to discuss his new role and the issues currently facing the Players’ Association.

“I’ve got a bit of time to get my head around some of the issues,” Marsh reflected.

“the game will be stronger if the players and the game are working together” – Paul Marsh

“They are complex… But I think, having worked in cricket, that’s a reasonably complex sport at times too.”

Having worked as the CEO of the Australian Cricketers’ Association for the past nine years, Marsh has a wealth of experience in dealing with players as well as governing bodies.

“I honestly believe the game will be stronger if the players and the game are working together,” Marsh said.

“I think the players, as the most significant stakeholders in the game, deserve a fair share of the game’s revenue and I think the players deserve to have their voice heard.”

Speaking on the topic of free agency, the incoming CEO said he had seen it work proficiently in cricket and is an advocate of the concept.

“I think in cricket we’ve got what you’d call unrestricted free agency. Players can move from team to team within the state system and within the big bash system.

“I understand there are a number of restrictions in the AFL and, once again, I need to get my head around all the details.”

Marsh will begin his new role as CEO of the AFL Players’ Association on September 1.

The interview can be heard in full, below.