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Raising Twins with Crawf

“Our life just got very interesting” – Shane Crawford

Shane Crawford has a list of accomplishments as long as your arm.

The former Hawk played more than 300 games in a career that yielded a Brownlow Medal, a Leigh Matthews Trophy, four All-Australian guernseys and a premiership in his final match.

Off the field, he has raised millions of dollars for charity; last year’s ‘Tour de Crawf’ saw the Hawthorn champion ride from Melbourne to Perth in just 22 days, raising $1,328,249 for Breast Cancer Network Australia. He’s broken a few world records in his time too. Cracking 90 eggs on his head within a minute was one of several unusual tasks he completed to set a Guinness World Record.

But arguably Crawford’s greatest challenge, and biggest accomplishment to date, is raising four young children. Most of his previous accomplishments have been captured on video; as it happens, this one’s no different. Watch out for Crawford’s new series ‘Raising Twins’, which will air on his official YouTube channel. The first installment will be online this Tuesday – here’s a teaser.