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Eddie Betts: Adelaide Crows father figure

If you ask Adelaide fans the best thing about having Eddie Betts at the Crows, the answers would likely centre around his ability to win games off his own boot.

The brilliant small forward, who finished in the top 10 of the AFL Players’ MVP Award this week, has starred in the Adelaide attack since arriving from Carlton two years ago.

It’s fair to say the Crows wouldn’t be featuring in semi-final action this weekend had Betts not played in last week’s elimination final win over the Bulldogs.

“Eddie Betts is a little fellow but he’s got a really big heart and he cares about all of his teammates” – Adelaide forward coach David Teague

But, delve a little deeper, and you’ll find Betts the family man is playing an equally important role as a father figure for a number of young Crows.

He and wife Anna took Charlie Cameron in during the youngster’s early days at the Crows.

While Cameron has since left the nest, Betts continues to be a mentor to him and other young Crows.

Adelaide forward coach David Teague noted earlier this year that Betts is no different to the young Carlton teammate that debuted for the Blues in Round 1 of 2005.

“He’s still one of the nicest guys you will ever meet,” Teague said.

“He’s a happy little fellow around the club and he actually brings the best out in others, which is a great quality.

“Eddie has been a great role model for players like Charlie Cameron, Cam Ellis-Yolmen and Anthony Wilson … he has really invested time in the Indigenous boys, not so much by telling them what to do, just being a role model by example.

“Eddie Betts is a little fellow but he’s got a really big heart and he cares about all of his teammates.”

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