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Executive Certificate in Player Development launched

The AFL Players’ Association is proud to announce it has launched the Executive Certificate in Player Development.

The course has been developed by the AFL Players’ Association on behalf of the industry, and will be delivered by AFL Sportsready.

The Executive Certificate in Player Development course aims to educate and inform participants on current best practice models for developing athletes holistically in an elite sporting environment.

As well as a focus on the AFL environment, a core benefit of the Player Development course is the ability for the skill sets that are to be developed, are also transferrable to other sports.

The course requires attendance at a three (3) day intensive, completion of online case studies and completion of written assessments. Upon successful completion students will be eligible for one (1) subject credit in La Trobe University’s Master of Management (Sport Management).

‘it’S imperative that the industry stays ahead of the curve in regards to the various challenges elite athletes face.’

Player Development and Wellbeing is one of the newest players in the AFL industry, and also often the least understood in regards to impact on performance, and on players’ lives.

AFL Players’ GM Player Development, Brett Johnson said, “While player development is often perceived as a junior player in the overall football program or hierarchy, there has never been a better time to recognise its wider role.”

In a game that is 150 years old, Player Development has only been on the radar for 8 or 9 years, with some clubs only employing full time PDMs (Player Development Managers) at the beginning of the current Collective Bargaining Agreement period, ie 2012).

Player Development Regional Manager, Marissa Fillipou said, “Moving forward it will be crucial for Player Development Managers to not only support and drive development outcomes of players, but to champion the interests of development and wellbeing as a respected part of a football program.

“In order to do this, Player Development Managers will need to be knowledgeable about the industry and have developed their skills to a level where they can drive and lead change in the development of the off-field development culture at their clubs.”

High performing Player Development Managers bring a range of life and sporting experiences and skills to the role.

The course will help to hone and further develop these skills, and will also increase the participants’ knowledge and understanding of the AFL industry as a whole, better preparing them for successful careers in the industry.

Presenters of the course include industry leaders in the areas of Player Development and Wellbeing, player agents, current players and PDMs and some of the AFL industries pre-eminent administrators, headlined by AFL General Manager of Football Operations, Mark Evans.

The Players’ Association aims to deliver a First Class Sporting Workplace for AFL Players’ – ensuring that players’ work in an environment that promotes sporting excellence, and long term personal growth and wellbeing.

For more information including subjects and course outline, please see attached pfd:


For more information, contact:

Marissa Fillipou
Player Development Regional Manager

Linda Imms
Education Projects Manager
Tel: 03 8413 3531 or 0419

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