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Fast Five – our best stories ahead of Rd. 20

Surfing with Luke Parker

“We have all the gear, the best wet-suits and best boards, so you’d see us walking up the beach and think we were pro surfers. And then we get in the water and we’re total spuds.”

Swans young gun Luke Parker speaks to Channel 7 about his love of surfing and the Sydney teammates who share his passion.


Jack Gunston: Did you have the best day ever?
Alex: Yes!

The Hawks have done a lot right in 2015. Jack Gunston’s effort, to give a young Hawthorn fan doing it tough a day he’ll never forget, was the latest example. If you haven’t seen the video yet, and are in the mood for a feel-good story, look no further.

At home with the Hanleys

For as long as Pearce Hanley’s mother can remember, her son wanted to be a footballer.

And though he hasn’t grown up playing the code he had in mind, his family couldn’t be prouder.

“We miss him,” Hanley’s mother Natalie said.

“It’d be nice if he was closer to home, but he’s following his dream, and that’s the important thing.”

Click here to see the full video feature on Hanley and his family, who recently visited from Ireland.

Who is the fans’ favourite player on Twitter?

To celebrate reaching 60,000 twitter followers, we decided to give away some prizes.

The competition was simple. We asked our followers to nominate their favourite player to follow on Twitter, and rewarded the responses that stuck out to us. Which player received the most nominations? Click here to find out.

Former Bomber on track for success

“Footy’s the best job you could ever have. A lot of people said ‘why haven’t you tried to give it another crack’, but in my mind, I know I gave it everything I could.”

We caught up with former Bomber Luke Davis to chat about what happened when he realised his AFL dream was over at the age of 20, and to find out about the exciting project he’s been working on since.