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Fighting cancer as easy as ABC

Jim Buckley knows he’s not exactly a poster boy for a healthy lifestyle.

He’s likes a pub lunch and at age 56 he tends to use his ”crook ankle as a bit of an excuse” for not exercising as much as he should.

But the one area of is health where he doesn’t hesitate is to talk about it, whether its ‘with the family at the dinner table or with his GP in the doctor’s rooms.

”At my age you’ve got to make sure you’re having your regular check ups. Some people don’t like doing it, but it’s easier to do it that way instead of letting it go and having your health catching up with you,” Buckley said.

Both of his children have pursued healthy and athletic careers: his son Dylan has followed his footsteps playing football for Carlton, while his daughter Jess has enjoyed success as a ballet dancer.

”They’re great role models,” Buckley said, “they’re giving, they work hard and they put their heart and soul into what they’re doing. You couldn’t be prouder of any kids than the two I’ve got.”

His two children are also ”onto me” about looking after his health.

“The cancer councils are there to help us when we need them, so it doesn’t hurt to help them when they need it.” – Jim Buckley

Dylan laughed: ”Yeah, Jess and I ride him pretty hard on it. We just try to keep him active, get him down the pool and that sort of stuff.

“But the most important thing is the more conversations you can have the more it strengthens your relationship. So we just try to keep each other honest.”

The Buckleys were keen to get involved when they heard the Cancer Council of Victoria was calling for people to be involved in an online study to investigate the causes of cancer and other diseases.

To take part in the ABC Study you only need to be an Australian resident aged over 40 who has never had cancer.

”I don’t think there’d be a person out there who hasn’t been touched by cancer in some way, whether it’s family or friends, and we’re no different,” Jim said. ”We’ve had friends, some have come through, some are still having treatment and unfortunately some have passed away.

“Dylan helped me with the online survey – I’m not that great on the computer but it was pretty easy really — and I’d send the message out there for everyone to get involved.

”The cancer councils are there to help us when we need them, so it doesn’t hurt to help them when they need it. And it’s as easy as taking the time to do the survey.”

Dylan said he strongly believed in the ABC Study’s adage that ”ÿou don’t have to have cancer to fight cancer”.

”There are so many people out there who live healthy lifestyles and eat well and look after themselves, but unfortunately there are also a lot of people who are touched by cancer,” Dylan said.

”So even for those people who are healthy, it would be great if you help with research and help us learn more about what we can do.”