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Getting to know Michael Hurley

What does life away from football look like for Michael Hurley?

The softly-spoken Bomber likes to keep things simple when he’s not going toe-to-toe with the league’s biggest forwards, or toiling away on the training track.

He describes his day off away from the club as ‘fairly low key,’ opting to take his three dogs for a walk, Addison, Chester and Boris.

The 28-year-old, two-time All-Australian, has also spent some time lately considering what life may look like outside of the playing environment, currently completing a Level 2 coaching course.

“Coaching is something that I think I’m keen to do, but I guess at the moment I don’t want to coach for the sake of coaching,” he told

“I want to find out if it is something I am passionate about, and enjoy.”

Our cameras recently followed Hurley down to Northern Knights training, where the former Knights product took the current crop of AFL hopefuls through their paces, teaching them all about the defensive craft that has helped him become an elite competitor.


In the video above, presented by KIESER, Hurley not only opens up about his aspirations away from the game, but also sheds a light on a debilitating back injury that began to cripple him in 2012 and 2013.

“My back was deteriorating slightly, and then 2016 was probably the low point for me,” Hurley said.

“I was really struggling. I remember I was having epidurals just to function again, but in the last 18 months it has been better.


“Going to see a few physios and other guys away from the footy club, they recommended the KIESER program, and from the mid-point of 2016 I have been going in there and doing my work.”

Hurley credits the specific training the KIESER equipment has allowed him to do as the catalyst for getting his body back on track, allowing him to enjoy consistent seasons in 2017 and 2018.

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