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Giants’ Rising Star a ‘fiery little terrier’

My first impressions of Brent… well, I don’t actually call him Brent. My name for him is ‘Trent’ and I think it’s starting to catch on around the club.

When he first arrived at the Giants he reminded me of a 40-year-old man – small and a bit grumpy but with a maturity and level-head about him that you’d expect from an AFL veteran.

It took him a while to come out of his shell but as I’ve got to know him over his first two season I’ve seen a much cheekier side to him.

He’s an absolute ripper to have around the club.

Trent’s even started a bit of a daycare centre at the Giants.

He always brings his younger brother, Riley, in while he’s up here on holidays from Swan Hill.

His younger brother roams around the club and joins us at training.

Despite being the younger sibling he’s already taller than Trent!

Trent’s a keen cricketer too and always has an opinion on what’s happening on the field – he thinks he should be over there playing for Australia in the Ashes!

But, I don’t want to give him too much flak!

Trent’s one of the best young players in the competition.

He complements the talls in our forward line and he’s underrated across the competition for the work he does and what he’s been able to bring to our team.

I couldn’t speak highly enough of him on the field.

He’s your typical, cheeky small-forward – classy, clean and hard at the footy.

The Giants boys and coaches love everything about him and what he brings.

He creates a contest and nine out of 10 times, it’ll create a score.

When Trent’s got the ball, you know it’s in good hands.