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Guthrie’s golden achievement

Geelong midfielder Cameron Guthrie is set to play his 200th AFL match against the GWS Giants on Friday night. The Cats’ best and fairest winner from 2020 sat down with AFLPA digital manager Ben Guthrie for an in-depth chat on the Over the PA podcast.

Having the opportunity to reassess what he had achieved in his career during last year’s season shutdown period was an important catalyst in Geelong midfielder Cameron Guthrie’s personal best season in 2020.

Speaking on the Over the PA podcast, ahead of his 200th AFL match against the Giants, Guthrie offered a unique insight into how being deliberately introspective led to the form that saw him become a maiden best and fairest winner and All Australian in 2020.

“We got round one away last year like normal, so we went up to GWS and played the Giants and we got beaten and I really wasn’t happy with how I played. I thought I had a really good pre-season but wasn’t really satisfied with my performance,” Guthrie said.

“It almost came at a really good time that big six-week break and, ‘I was like, when I come back I don’t want to feel like I did again after the GWS game that you come into it with high hopes and you don’t deliver on what you think you’re capable of.

“That period allowed me to assess where I was at in my career; I was coming off a couple of injury-interrupted seasons and then approaching hubs and thinking, ‘Well, everyone was a bit doom and gloom, and I kind of took it as maybe this is a good chance if people aren’t enjoying the experience then it might give me a leg up and give me a bit of advantage.

“I think that’s how it worked out, but only because that was my mindset. I would have been in the same shoes (as everyone else) but I think it’s amazing what the mind can achieve if you put it to work in the right way.”

Show notes

12.22min-13.05min – Guthrie talks about his persistence to keep striving towards being drafted despite missing out on selection for Vic Metro in the U16s

14.46-15.26 – Guthrie reveals he kept a dossier of newspaper clippings about the characteristics needed to be an AFL player

18.40-19.30 – His mindset coming into Geelong after being drafted with the No.23 pick in the 2010 AFL Draft

28.20-29.02 – The importance of maintaining patience with young players based on his own experiences throughout his career

29.40-30.30 – The highlight of his career

34.12-35.50 – The mindset he’s adopted during his career and the importance of self-reflection during the 2020 season shutdown period

44.35-45.06 – His focus on being a well-rounded person off the field