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How The Recruits Rated

After tonight’s AFL Players’ Alumni vs. The Recruit match on Fox8, we got a few of our past players to rate their opponents and the remaining recruits in the running for an AFL contract in next week’s finale.

Adam Pattison

Matt Eagles is a powerfully built athlete with an amazing physique and running ability. He’s still developing but would be an exciting draft prospect. You could argue he’s in the Kurt Tippett mould.

I played with Jackson Sketcher at Box Hill in his first year out of TAC Cup, so I already knew how skilful and talented he is but from the match, I recognised that he’s actually working a lot harder now than he did back then – his running has improved, he looks fit and strong but he might’ve had a bit of puppy fat back then. So I was impressed with him, he looked much better.

Daniel Cox was the most impressive. Some of the things he did with his cleanliness below his knees, agility and sidesteps were a standout.

Jordan Treloar I didn’t notice as much, but Barry Hall and Jonathan Brown didn’t get a touch so he must’ve gone pretty well.

VOTES: Cox – 3, Sketcher – 2, Kelly – 1

Brad Fisher

Treloar did this phenomenal pick up which I’m sure everyone saw tonight. He’s big, strong and fast and looked pretty good in the contest.

Eagles kicked two or three goals. His running and jumping abilities are impressive.

Cox is the flashiest but his defence on the night wasn’t the greatest. When he got out, he was awesome.

Sketcher is the most natural footballer, he’s very workmanlike and does a bit of gut-running, uses the ball well and goes alright in contested situations.

VOTES: Sketcher – 3, Cox – 2, Treloar – 1

Cory McGrath

Cox was the best because he moves the ball quickly through the midfield, he got a bit of it.

Sketcher was hard at the footy and had good disposal.

Jayden Kelly got around the ground a fair bit and led the guys well.

VOTES: Cox – 3, Sketcher – 2, Kelly – 1


Tony Armstrong

Daniel Cox was good because of his speed through the contest.

Kelly worked hard and kept coming back to the contest. I played junior footy with him and he was very similar back then but he’s clearly worked harder on his game.

Treloar is so athletic. He played on the big boys and did really well and minimised their impact.

VOTES: Cox – 3, Kelly – 2, Treloar – 1

Richard Champion

Cox was impressive. He was quick and got a bit of the footy and was pretty agile. Those attributes were pretty spectacular.

Sketcher worked hard all day and he gets to plenty of contests. Definitely a footballer’s footballer.

Treloar is a big unit. He was up the other end to me but he did well on our big guys which was a plus for them.

Eagles I played on around the forward line. He goes alright. He’s big and can run well. I may have led him to the ball a few times though – keeping in mind I’m now 48 years old.

VOTES: Cox – 3, Sketcher – 2, Eagles – 1


Total Votes:

Daniel Cox – 14, Jackson Sketcher – 9, Jayden Kelly – 4, Jordan Treloar – 2, Matt Eagles – 1.