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If Aussies win then Max’s shirt is ‘Gawn’

Max Gawn loves his tattered New Zealand cricket shirt almost as much as his Melbourne footy jumper.

The Demons ruckman, a proud New Zealander, has displayed his passion for the Black Caps throughout the Cricket World Cup via his social media channels.

Now Gawn and teammate Chris Dawes have a high-stakes bet riding on the result of Sunday’s final.

“I love this shirt. It means so much to me. But if Australia beat us on Sunday then Dawesy gets to burn my shirt,” Gawn told on the eve of the big game.

“He’s got a classic Australian one-day shirt which I can burn if New Zealand win.

“My shirt is pretty important to me and I’m getting a little bit nervous now.

“It’s been a great tournament for the boys so far and I am hoping they get it done in the final but it’s going to be tough.

“We haven’t played at the MCG for six years and Australia are playing really well but it’s just great to be in the final.”

Gawn was born in Australia to New Zealand parents. His two brothers were born across the ditch, and he spent some of his early life in Greymouth, before relocating to Melbourne permanently.

His entire extended family still resides in New Zealand.

Gawn will be at the MCG with Melbourne teammates Jack Trengove and Lynden Dunn on Sunday.

“It’s a pretty intimidating stadium, it’s a great place to play, but the Australians will probably have the edge there,” Gawn said.

“It’s going to be a great game with two teams in really good form and with so many matchwinners.

“There are plenty of cricket lovers in the Melbourne group. Bernie Vince and Col Garland are mad cricket fans, they are really giving it to me.

“I’m pretty nervous about the match but probably more worried about the reception I’ll get at training on Monday if we lose.”