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Selwood returns to Bendigo

As Victoria continue battling through an intensely hot summer, Geelong captain Joel Selwood has returned to his hometown of Bendigo to ensure that local students and their parents are FireReady.

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Having grown up in Bendigo, Selwood visited students at Bendigo Violet Street Primary to promote the importance of being prepared for the risk of fire this summer.

“I grew up in Bendigo, just around the corner. I lived in Strathdale. My mum and dad are still in Bendigo, it’s a serious issue being FireReady,”

With his parents and grandmother still living in the town of Bendigo, Selwood understands first-hand the significance of planning during extreme heat.

“We’re here to encourage the community to be prepared and we want to make sure all parents check the Fire Danger Ratings and download the FireReady app, to ensure they receive updates and warnings” Selwood said.

“With what happened a couple of years ago with Black Saturday it probably affected a lot of people. It affected Bendigo the town ship, so we’re trying to get out to as many places as we can and getting the kids to go back to mum and dad and saying mum and dad, are we FireReady?”

As part of the AFL Players’ new partnership with FireReady, Selwood ran football clinics for around 70 primary school students, who were also treated with a visit from the local CFA where the kids were informed on preparing for the upcoming summer period.

“It’s important that the kids go back home with messages to their parents, such as leaving home early on days that are considered high risk” said Selwood.

“We’re here with the CFA to really spread a message about being FireReady. If we can be on the front foot and do the right things, then it goes a long way to making sure we’re safer.”

To learn more about fire safety visit or download the Fire Ready app.