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‘It’s like a form of meditation’: Fyfe

With the looks of a young Mick Jagger and a flowing mop of hair, you’d be forgiven for thinking Nat Fyfe looks more like a boy-band frontman than a truck-driver.

But the Fremantle star – who grew up in Lake Grace, a country town located 350km south east of Perth – has been driving trucks for his family’s transport business for years.

Featured as part of the Australian Wool Innovation‘s Fibre of Football series, the 23-year-old says there’s something special about being out on the open road.

“Truck-driving is something that’s really hard to explain to people, but there is this real rawness and solitude you get from just being out on the open road for hours at a time with just yourself and your thoughts,” Fyfe said.

“It’s like a form of meditation. I’ve been really lucky to grow up with that and always have it to come back to.”

Watch the full Fibre of Football video feature on Fyfe, below.

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