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Jason Johnson’s recipes for success

Tens of thousands of local footballers kick off their season this weekend – and Essendon premiership player Jason Johnson reckons he has the recipe for success come game day.

“Good nutritional practices will help you train hard, recover well, and keep you performing at your best across the season.” – Jason Johnson

The two-time Bombers best-and-fairest says players at all levels can get a boost from eating the right foods pre and post games.

“Food is fuel,” Johnson said.

And he should know. He runs Dineamic, a company which provides high-quality, no-fuss meals for athletes and those looking to eat well and save time.

“It was such an important part of my preparation and recovery when I played.

“Good nutritional practices will help you train hard, recover well, and keep you performing at your best across the season.

“The three main nutrients that we need in large amounts are protein, carbohydrates and fat.

“Carbs are the best source of fuel. Low carb intake will cause fatigue and concentration lapses – inability to run out games and poor decision making.”

Johnno’s recipes for success

Pre-game dinner ideas

“What you eat the night before a game can set you up to play well and perform at your best.” – Jason Johnson

– Beef and vegetable stir-fry with rice or noodles

– Pasta with chicken or lean meat tomato sauce, add vegetables or serve with salad

– Chicken and vegetable risotto

– Soup with pasta/noodles/rice and meat/chicken/legumes

– Baked potato with reduced fat cheese and sour cream

Game day breakfast ideas

“Some people are a bit nervous or anxious on the morning of a game. You might not feel hungry but you will need to eat something to give you energy come the opening bounce.” – Jason Johnson

– Bread (wholegrain, fruit bread)

– Crumpets, English muffins

– Breakfast cereals including Oats, Muesli, and Weetbix

– Fruit

Game day lunch ideas

“Getting some food in a couple of hours before you play will keep you going when the match gets hard and your body is working overtime. Keep it light and drink plenty of water.” – Jason Johnson

Wholegrain sandwiches or wraps  (include at least three salad items from the following: beetroot, lettuce, tomato, baby spinach, carrot, cucumber, onion, avocado. Add a protein source from chicken with no skin, lean beef, fish, eggs, legumes or beans.)

Soup (minestrone, beef and barley with vegetables, chicken and sweet corn).


Quinoa and chicken salad made with a selection of vegetables


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