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Letter to My Younger Self – Dawson Simpson

In the lead up to the Madden Medal presentation next Thursday, the retiring class of 2019 have put together a letter to their younger selves detailing the lessons they learned during their careers. Over the next week, will publish the letters of these players to help celebrate their achievements. Here is former Cat and Giant Dawson Simpson’s letter to his 18-year-old self. 

G’day mate,

Congratulations on getting drafted, I know it’s been your dream since you have been able to walk.

This next part of your life will shape the man you will be for your entire life.

Just keep a couple things in mind.

When trials and tough times come your way, don’t be disheartened, because it’s in those times you are building your character and once your football career is gone, your character is what’s left.

Apply yourself to everything in life, not just footy, and do it the best you can.

Relationships are so much more important than the game.

Most importantly, remember God has a plan for your life.

Trust him fully, for he loves you and is in control.

Do the very best in everything he puts in front of you!

All the best for your AFL career.


Dawson Simpson