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Lewis praises footy for rallying around Roughie

Acting Hawthorn captain Jordan Lewis says his great mate, Jarryd Roughead, has been “taken aback” by the way the AFL community has rallied around him since he announced the reoccurrence of his melanoma.

Roughead, 29, announced on Tuesday that he would undergo immunotherapy treatment for melanoma over the next 12 months, with the treatment set to start next week.

The big forward dismissed rumours that the treatment would prompt him retire from AFL football, saying: “It’s just like righto, let’s get going because the sooner we start the sooner it’s beaten and it’s all over.”‘

Lewis, a four-time premiership teammate and best man at Roughead’s wedding earlier this year, praised the football world for getting behind Roughead.

“He’s certainly been taken aback by the support that he’s got,” Lewis said.

“Because everything we do is so public … it’s just one of these things where you probably just want to go away and fight privately, but it is nice knowing that people are there to support him.

“Änd I think that he knows it just maybe spurs you on a little more.

“That’s why football clubs are so good and that’s why the football community is so good, because you know so many people are behind you.”

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