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Marsh responds to ASADA statement

AFL Players’ CEO Paul Marsh has responded to the latest statement issued by ASADA chief Ben McDevitt via interviews with several Melbourne radio stations this morning.

The Players’ Association announced on Thursday that Essendon players did not intend to respond to the show cause notices issued by ASADA. Despite the PA’s request for ASADA to “expedite the process by bringing the matter before the Anti-Doping Rule Violation Panel within seven days”, a response issued on ASADA’s website indicated that “ASADA will not be dictated to by the AFL Players’ Association, its lawyers, or anybody else.”

One of the first questions asked of CEO Paul Marsh on a number of radio stations this morning was, ‘what happens next?’

“Where it goes is we have to get all the evidence from ASADA,” Marsh told MMM’s Hot Breakfast.

“McDevitt’s saying that they’ll get that in their own good time and our view is, how long do you need? This has been going on for so long.

“How could it take this long for them to give all the evidence? Surely they’ve got it – hand it over to the AFL and let the AFL take the process from there.”

The onus of proving the allegations that players were administered the prohibited substance Thymosin Beta 4 rests with the AFL. ‘Comfortable satisfaction’ is required for an infraction notice to be issued.

The full interviews with Paul Marsh can be heard below.