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Media statement: ‘Players have been through hell’

The AFL Players’ Association is extremely disappointed to once again have detailed and confidential information involving Essendon players deliberately leaked to the media and published.

These players have been through hell for two and a half years, have cooperated fully throughout the course of this matter and yet are constantly let down by others who for whatever reasons are treating the integrity of this process with contempt.

Let’s not forget that these players are human beings who have found themselves in this situation through no fault of their own.

Why anyone would be motivated to continue to hurt the Essendon players is beyond all at the AFLPA and is quite frankly shameful.

Monday’s leak of the hearing transcript from the AFL Anti-Doping hearing comes on the back of the following other leaks of confidential reports relating to this matter:

-Interim ASADA report
-Decision of the AFL Anti-Doping Tribunal
-WADA’s appeal brief

These ongoing leaks are of enormous concern to the AFLPA and we have written to the AFL to seek an urgent review of the systems and processes around the Anti-Doping Policy, including the sharing of information, to prevent future leaks of this nature.