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Megan Gale’s AFL double-act

Supermodel Megan Gale has had plenty to do with AFL players in recent times — she and Richmond’s Shaun Hampson had their first child earlier this year, while she’s recently teamed up with Geelong superstar Jimmy Bartel as part of L’Oreal Men Expert’s partnership with the AFL Players’ Association.

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THE time has flown — six months in fact — since Megan Gale and her partner, AFL player Shaun Hampson welcomed their baby, a boy named River Alan Thomas Hampson, into the world.

But like any working mum, Megan is well and truly back in the career game.

“I am having the most incredible time with bub and it is good for me to get just a little bit used to being away from him I suppose,” she smiles during an exclusive interview with

“Luckily he is very adaptable.”

As for motherhood, Megan says “it’s the best thing and the hardest thing I have done.”

“It is so hard but what you get back is SO worth it.

“It’s such a surreal, incredible kind of experience and I have really re-prioritised

my life.

“You are not selfish about anything. You become selfless, if anything, and it’s a love you have never felt before.

“Your life becomes all about them and what you do revolves around them.

“I love it.”

Dynamic Duo: AFL star Jimmy Bartel and Megan Gale together as L’Oreal ambassadors

Dynamic Duo: AFL star Jimmy Bartel and Megan Gale together as L’Oreal ambassadors Source: Supplied

Megan hosted a smart, beauty preview lunch in her role as the Australian face of L’Oreal Paris, marking her first work commitment back with the brand since March.

“I’ve been to the Cannes film festival two times for L’Oreal and that looks to be on the agenda for next year which I’m very excited about,’’ she says.

“L’Oreal is very particular about who they sign up, they’ve just signed up Naomi Watts for example so it’s good to see they work with aspirational woman and not just 18-year-olds.’’

The film world, as she experiences when in Cannes each year, is something Megan has always loved with a role in next year’s Mad Max on the cards and a part in Russell Crowe’s Gallipolifilm, The Water Diviner, which is being released on Boxing Day.

“I play a Turkish woman, post-war, which is very different for me,” she laughs.

“It’s a really small role but it was a role that Russell Crowe asked me to audition for (Crowe is the director) so of course I was there in a flash.

“I’ve also seen some of Mad Max too (Megan also has a role in it) and it looks amazing, so I can’t wait for that to come out in the middle of next year.”

Megan has managed a couple of social outings in the last week — attending both Derby Day and Melbourne Cup — but after the fun, was happy to get home.

“Sure, I’m happy to be out and about and I wondered how I would be, but I was itching to get back to River,’’ she says.

“It’s nice to know that I care enough that I want to get back to him and not stay out too long!’’

Mum and Dad. Giddy Up: "Thanks again to @calibreaustralia for suiting up my man #Melbourn

Mum and Dad. Giddy Up: “Thanks again to @calibreaustralia for suiting up my man #MelbourneCup” Picture: InstagramSource: Supplied

As for her work duties, L’Oreal has Megan host the beauty preview to unveil the brand’s major product launches for 2015 as well as introducing the first Aussie Ambassador for L’Oreal Men Expert: AFL star, Jimmy Bartel.

Today’s unveiling also signalled the first time the two Australian ambassadors — Megan and Jimmy — had even met.

As the first Australian blokes’ ambassador, Jimmy joins a list of global stars who have represented the brand including Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Laurie, Patrick Dempsey, Pierce Brosnan, Gerard Butler and Matthew Fox.

Megan Gale introducing a new man, Geelong star Jimmy Bartelm into the L’Oreal beauty mix

Jimmy Bartel and Megan Gale at the L’Oreal beauty launch for 2015 at Cafe Sydney Pic: Shane O’Neill Source:Supplied

“AFL players are in the public eye and it is a growing industry with blokes using products more and more,’’ Jimmy told

“When L’Oreal dropped a whole lot of product to the club, the players were like a flock of seagulls around my locker,’’ he laughs.

The Geelong star’s addition to the beauty family is a ‘beauty’ consolidation of a new partnership with players all across the country.

Over 800 AFL players are upping the stakes in the bathroom, with L’Oréal Men Expert (that’s the men’s line) announced as the ‘Official Skincare Partner of AFL Players’.

A beautiful double act: Jimmy Bartel and Megan Gale

A beautiful double act: Jimmy Bartel and Megan Gale Source: Supplied

Jimmy says guys have become more aware and there is no embarrassment about “looking after yourself’ at all.

“I am so conscious of the sun so I always use sunscreen and I always use moisturiser,’’ he says.

Jimmy is also a fan of fashion and has been a favoured red carpet runner on the Brownlow ruby rug each year.

“You want to look nice for the occasion as it is just a sign of good manners,’’ adds Jimmy.

“I haven’t had to push my agenda to the boys too hard as a lot of them are asking me for advice which is great.

“Attitudes have changed and guys are happy to try new things.’’

The partnership is the first of its kind for both the AFL Players’ Association and L’Oréal, the plan designed to help educate and offer advice to the everyday Australian men on the best grooming products and techniques for his own routine.

Derby Day sensation: Megan Gale. Picture: Julie Kiriacoudis

Derby Day sensation: Megan Gale. Picture: Julie Kiriacoudis Source: News Corp Australia

Megan, meanwhile, became the first ever Australian ambassador for L’Oreal Paris in August 2011 and stands alongside a group of global names in the ‘Dream Team’ including Jane Fonda, Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria, Blake Lively, Aimee Mullins, Doutzen Kroes and Barbara Palvin.

Most recently, Karlie Kloss and Naomi Watts have been inducted into the L’Oreal dream team.

“There is a different attitude with men and beauty but as soon as other men see blokes and their peers and people they look up to using cosmetics, they happily get into it,’’ adds Megan.

“And that can only be a good thing!”


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Photo via: Eva Rinaldi – Sydney Australia