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Nathan Grima’s heartfelt retirement speech

When Nathan Grima was forced to retire last week, after persistent back issues, the game lost one of its great characters.

The 29-year-old finished his career having played 86 games for the Kangaroos, and though he would’ve loved to reach 100 games so he could have his name on the number 17 locker at Arden Street, Grima leaves the game with a lifetime of fond memories.

In a reflective speech, captured by North Melbourne’s media team, that ranged from the emotional – such as Drew Petrie’s support during a vulnerable moment early in his career – through to “the fun times” like strutting up the stairs “when you get your first drink cards at CQ” nightclub, Grima thanked teammates and staff “for making it the best time of [his] life.”

Grima’s stroll down media street