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NFL Quarterback’s Tiger time

NFL quarterback Cam Newton doesn’t know a lot about AFL, but he’s learning fast.

“AFL plays 24-7 in the hotel room, so I’ve been watching so much of it,” Newton told Richmond defender Chris Newman when he dropped into Tigerland last week.

“AFL plays 24-7 in the hotel room, so I’ve been watching so much of it” – Cam Newton

The Carolina Panthers’ main man, a dual Pro-Bowl quarterback (comparable to All-Australian selection), explained his trip down under was something of a fact-finding mission.

“I’m here to try to expand my talent, to learn from this organisation – the Richmond Tigers,” the 26-year-old said.

“The thing I’ve taken away is how this organisation holds each other accountable. I’ll be sure to not only hold others accountable but hold myself accountable.”

As well as looking at the organisation as a whole, Newton tried his hand at Australian Rules, having a few kick to kicks with the Tigers players.

“I think my talents will be sharp enough when I can master the kicking game,” Newton said.

It seemed there were plenty of Richmond players gravitating towards Newton during his time there – asked which one he’d warmed most to, the American nominated former captain Chris Newman.

“We’re brothers. He wears number one. I wear number one. We both have swag.”