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Nominate the hardest nut in your life

Thanks to the Almond Board of Australia, is giving you the chance to WIN a footy prize pack that includes 10kg of Australian Almonds and two AFL Players’ Sherrins for you and your nominated hero!

Join Max Gawn, Ellie Blackburn, Brianna Davey, Scott Selwood and Liam Picken by telling us who the Hardest Nut is in your life.

All you have to do is click here, and tell us who the Hardest Nut is in your life and why for your chance to win!

For some inspiration, check out who Max Gawn, Ellie Blackburn and Brianna Davey have nominated below!

Hard Nut Nomination — Max Gawn

Hard Nut Nomination — Ellie Blackburn 

Hard Nut Nomination — Brianna Davey