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Pet Pals — A Kangaroo and his Cats

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“This is why people say weird things about you.”

Due to his lanky limbs, 200cm frame and mop of red hair, Ben Brown stands out on and off the field.

But his quirky and easy-going personality came to the forefront when the North Melbourne forward showed off his two cats while we visited his home through our partnership with Jetpets. To say the imposing big man is going against the grain would be an understatement, he zigs while the rest of the competition zags with the influx of trendy Instagram accounts for dogs.


In the video above, Brown introduces Ron and Luna, and explains the vast differences in the two felines’ personalities and why he enjoys their company.

Ron is the adventurous one who is prone to roaming the neighbourhood, whereas Luna remains indoors and plies her trade playing many ball sports.

PET PALS — MEET KILLA AND PEPPA ROCKLIFF, in a new partnership with Jetpets, are bringing to life the ‘Pet Pals series’ to showcase the pets’ personalities and their importance to Australian footballers.

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