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Pet Pals — Meet Killa and Peppa Rockliff

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They say behind every great athlete is a great life partner, but don’t forget the role the family pet plays in escaping the day-to-day grind.

You would seldom find an AFL player without a dog, cat or other domesticated critter they enjoy taking care of in their spare time.

These pets are important to the lives of many players and, in a new partnership with Jetpets, are bringing to life the ‘Pet Pals series’ to showcase the pets’ personalities and their importance to Australian footballers.

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Port Adelaide recruit Tom Rockliff kicks off the series, with his two dachshunds, Killa and Peppa, happy to be in the limelight. Rockliff said the dogs are more than just pets to his small family.

“I treat them like kids but with Jack now, he’s lucky that he has two dogs already and they’re going to love him just as much as we love them,” Rockliff told

“They bring so much joy, even when they’re naughty and have a little bark but they are part of the family that’s for sure.”

Stay tuned for the next instalment of our Pet Pals series.