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Players Association responds to 2015 fixture

The AFL Players’ Association has today welcomed the release of the 2015 AFL fixture.

We would like to congratulate the AFL on delivering a fixture all clubs are seemingly satisfied with, which is no mean feat. The composition of matches across the country appears to have positive outcomes for both clubs and fans in each respective state.

The return to more traditional timeslots is already generating a lot of excitement about season 2015.

In relation to the loss of the bye, the Players’ Association has been a strong advocate for the provision of two byes per season – on the grounds of player health and welfare – and welcomed the introduction of an additional mid-season break this year.

While we understand the practical difficulties facing the AFL fixture in 2015 given the Cricket World Cup – and the consequent loss of the second bye – we do however remain committed to the reintroduction of the second bye in 2016.

We are continuing to work with the AFL to agree on additional measures to offset the impact of the lost bye and extended pre-season.

Players’ Association President, Luke Ball said, “AFL players are unanimous in their support of two byes during a 22 game season. It provides players with an important chance to recuperate and recharge physically, ensuring the best players from all clubs are playing as much as possible and at their very best.”