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Watts and Brayshaw bake-off: Part one

It’s MasterChef, AFL players’ style.

The Melbourne Football Club’s Jack Watts and Angus Bradshaw have transferred their skills from the footy field to the kitchen bench in the ultimate back-off for Cancer Council Victoria’s Biggest Morning Tea.

Held on May 25, Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea is an opportunity for friends, family or colleagues to get together over a cup of tea and enjoy a bite to eat with good company while raising money to help Cancer Council beat cancer. If that date doesn’t work for you, a morning tea can be hosted any day in May or June.

Raising awareness for the Biggest Morning Tea, Watts and Brayshaw were pitted against each other in a scone bake-off challenge at the South Melbourne market. The Melbourne duo mixed with the market’s characters, some of which were more interesting than others, to find the perfect ingredients to give them the edge in the challenge.

While Watts stuck to the traditional scone recipe, Brayshaw had a secret ingredient that he believed would give him a competitive advantage over his Demon teammate.

In part one of the two-video series, the pair begin their challenge and encounter a few barriers along the way.