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Power of Pilates helps players push on

Footballers and their training methods have continually changed over the years.

It’s hard to imagine Ted Whitten stretching out on a yoga mat. Or Bob Skilton doing meditation.

But the modern player is doing a range of things to get the most out of their body every game.

Pilates is one form of modern exercise which has helped players get out on the park.

Key forwards Tom Hawkins and Jarrad Waite, who have both battled back-related issues, are two who have benefited from the core-based workout.

Waite, who joined the Kangaroos for the 2015 season, spent hours doing Pilates correcting the abdominal weakness at the heart of his back problems during his time at Carlton.

Waite said twice-weekly Pilates sessions to strengthen his core muscles was vital to his return.

“My core wasn’t the strongest (and it) basically put a lot of force through my back and then it just sort of gave up,” Waite said.

“Obviously a lot of rehab and Pilates keeps my core strong which in turn helps my back out.”

Pilates is not just about injury prevention and rehabilitation either – it also offers great general fitness – which is why Collingwood’s Scott Pendlebury introduced his fiancé Alex Davis to VicHealth’s TeamUp app.

A regular supporter of the TeamUp campaign, Scott introduced Alex to the app in May, where she used it to connect with Joel Selwood and Brett Deledio’s partners, Brit Davis and Katie Deledio.

Through this activity, the girls enjoyed group fitness, walking and yoga. This time around Alex was able to use TeamUp to locate a Pilates studio in her area.

If you want to join her for Pilates on Monday simply download TeamUp and search for Pilates with Alex Davis.

TeamUp offers hundreds of activities in your local area, to suit all fitness levels and interests.

AFL Players’ will be working with TeamUp throughout June.

Click here to see what activities AFL players will be involved in.

If you want to join them, make sure you download TeamUp to get active.